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What to Pack: Carry-On Edition

Feb 01, 2017

Our carry-ons are not our own these days. They have been commandeered by the necessities that keep our children happy en route. It is undoubtedly a worthwhile tradeoff. Since having children, I’ve become a much more efficient packer, distilling down exactly what I need for myself and for them and forgoing the luxuries I previously […]

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Canada with Kids: Niagara Falls and Toronto

Nov 29, 2016

In 2014, we took our 13-month-old son to Spain. It was a fantastic trip—one of our favorites—but we did experience our fair share of stress-inducing situations. While those certainly didn’t deter us from travel with small children, we decided after our second son joined the family late last year that we’d take it a little […]

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